Any one can make themselves a "wine cave". It doesnt have to be in a deep dungeon where the dust lay thick and the water is dropping from the cave ceiling. A normal closet can work just fine. However, you need to take some aspects into consideration.

  • Everybody should keep a cave book in order to keep track of purchases.
  • Make tasting notes ! ! It is easy to forget what you tasted last year. This way you can also go back and compare over how the bottle has matured.
  • Always store the wine laying down in order to keep the cork from drying out.
  • The wine needs to be stored in a stable temperature. 10C (50F) is preferred but 15-20C is acceptable. Temperatures above this might damage the wine. That is to say, it will age faster.
  • Keep the wine away from light. Especially white and sparkling wines are affected by this.